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Go beyond what the customers think (need), pursue the best service, and provide customers with the best service with unique innovative service advantages and advanced service concept.

Service commitment

Beijing Zhongzhuo not only provides customers with advanced and high-quality equipment, but also provides all-round high-quality after-sales service to ensure the safety and stability of product during use. After-sales service engineers answer questions for customers anytime and anywhere, and regularly visit customers' sites, conduct inspection and maintenance;After the warranty period, we will also conduct irregular inspections according to customer needs to find hidden dangers and solve problems in time.

The excellent service is the foundation of excellent enterprise. Through self-improvement and pursuit, consider what customers want, and meet their needs. With reliable service technology, commendable service efficiency, satisfactory service attitude and commendable service quality, the company wins customers' full trust. With the sincerity and efforts, the company wins customers' satisfaction, and it strives for meticulous service, reassures customers and obtains customers' full trust.

1. Pre-sales service

The company's sales personnel actively provide customers with relevant product knowledge, guide customers to choose the products that best suit their needs, so that, the customers will master the use method and maintenance method. Through pre-sales service, the customers can get additional value-added services while purchasing tangible products, it can help customers understand products, increase the knowledge on product, and can achieve the purpose of expanding sales promotion.

2.  In-sales service

The service provided to customers during commodity sales. The most basic requirement is that the service personnel shall respect customers and take the initiative to serve customers. The main contents include that the marketing personnel provide the users with product design and manufacturing status information, arrange customers to go to the factory for supervision and acceptance, conduct reconfirmation with customers due to changes, and provide complete solutions for users, etc.

3. After-sales service

After the products are delivered to the customers, the company provides various services to the customers, so that the products can play their due role and facilitate the customer's use. Deliver to the designated place according to the customer's requirements, demonstrate the operation, and introduce the product instructions, operation skills and dimensions to the customer in detail

Service Policy

Be Honest in Service    Build Good Brand


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