After eight years of extraordinary history, Beijing Zhongzhuo has won unlimited trust from the society and customers. Beijing Zhongzhuo is a company specializing in R&D and production of fire fighting vehicles, and a provider of first-line equipment for emergency rescue. We felt extremely sad and heartbroken when there were firefighters dying in fighting fires for various reasons and countless people and property were ruthlessly swallowed up by the fire, and we felt more deeply the responsibility and pressure on the shoulder. Recalling those people and things that have passed away is not only a way for mourning, but also expectation and warning for the future. Just as it is said “Fire has no emotion, but people do”. With the continuous development of society, while the social wealth is increasing, the danger of fire is increasing, and the harmfulness of fire is getting bigger and bigger. As the R&D manufacturer of fire fighting vehicles, how to develop and produce fire fighting vehicles that meet the fire extinguishing problems of modern large-scale fires and high-rise fires, quickly extinguish the raging fires, and minimize the loss of people's lives and property will be our unswerving historical mission and eternal goal. We hope our tireless efforts can create greater value for the society and customers.

——Li Jianjun

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